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We develop solutions for a changing climate and economy.

The world’s population is growing and modernising. People and their governments will increasingly demand that development is sustainable. Clean, smart infrastructure is essential.

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Our Expertise

Lyon Group’s new approaches to traditional sectors tackle global challenges and capture the commercial opportunity in sustainable development.

Lyon Asia

Lyon Group is developing utility and industrial scale storage and solar PV projects across the region. Lyon Asia has entered into a collaboration agreement with JERA and Fluence to assess utilisation of utility-scale battery storage solutions in new projects and at existing renewable and thermal generation plants across their collective operational footprints. On projects to which the parties commit, Lyon will be the project developer, JERA and investor, and Fluence the preferred energy storage solution and service partner.

Lyon Group is developing large-scale solar projects with integrated advanced battery storage systems, to meet the needs of electricity users, the market and the electricity system. Link

Lyon Group’s large-scale battery storage projects are either integrated with an on-grid renewable energy project, connected to an isolated network or independently connected to the network. Link

Lyon Renewable Hydrogen

Lyon Group is working toward production of cost-effective, large-scale clean hydrogen, utilising dispatchable renewable energy.

Lyon Water

Lyon Group develops or acquires projects that leverage our team’s extensive experience in water reform, economics, project assessment, development and asset acquisition, and management.

Lyon Agriculture

Lyon Group creates infrastructure type returns from large-scale projects in dairy, beef, grain/fodder and seafood, through access to key Asian growth markets via our partners, providing an avenue for significant direct and third-party investment in the sector.

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