Announced projects

Solar Storage Project Pipeline

Lyon has a significant Australian project pipeline comprising more than 1,700MW of large-scale solar PV and more than 1,000MW of large-scale battery storage.

*Map represents projects that will be at Notice to proceed stage by 2020
*Lakeland was developed and sold by Lyon Group

Lyon began the development of Lakeland Solar Storage, Australia’s first grid connected large-scale solar PV and battery storage project, in 2012. The project is globally recognised for its innovation and leadership.

Lyon is now progressing a large number of integrated large-scale solar PV and battery storage projects across Australia.

In mid-2017, Lyon launched an innovative and world first tender process under which parties involved in the energy market could express an interest in purchasing any or all of the market services provided by a portfolio of the Lyon Group’s battery storage projects. The Lyon Battery Storage Market Services Tender is believed to be the first of its kind across the world.

Lyon will continue to bring a range of innovations to the electricity market, including the potential to acquire access to:

  • the offtake of the solar PV generation of Lyon’s Solar Storage projects
  • a further tranche of Lyon’s battery storage projects (and associated grid connected integrated large-scale solar PV)
  • further risk management and market-based products and services under development by Lyon

Lyon’s solar storage project sites have been chosen because they have:

  • strong solar resources
  • large and flat parcels of land
  • an existing power line running through the site for easy connection to the electricity grid
  • already been cleared of native vegetation
  • no immediately adjacent neighbours
  • highway access, which is beneficial during construction

Lyon works with recognised EPC companies to deliver its projects. Lyon is committed to its projects meeting best practice safety, environmental and community standards.

Lyon and its EPC procurement teams are working to define the supply chain requirements of these projects. This includes identifying opportunities for local engagement and employment during the construction and operating phases of the project.

Lyon is also developing projects in the Philippines and in other Asian countries.