Energy consumers will benefit from state government leadership onlarge-scale battery storage

Mar 14, 2017 Media Release

Australia’s leading large-scale battery storage developer, Lyon Group, today welcomed the South Australian Government’s substantial commitment to large-scale energy storage.

Lyon Group Partner David Green said South Australia had demonstrated real leadership and energy consumers would benefit.

“We are now on track to seeing renewables and large-scale battery technology playing a core role in keeping our electricity system stable, reducing prices, and reducing emissions.”

“The key role for government now is to fix the national electricity system so the rules provide revenue to batteries for providing the systems security services that become more important as we shift from old coal generation to new renewables.”

“Batteries can help our electricity system ride through peaks and extreme events but the national market rules and institutional arrangements are holding us back from making large-scale batteries fully commercial.”

“Battery technology is a game changer because it means we can increase renewables penetration whilst maintaining grid stability.”

“Our electricity system will look dramatically different inside a decade. The national energy market rules need to keep pace so that the benefits of new technology are captured.”

“This modern energy system will include large-scale solar and other new renewables that will generate the power that batteries will store and manage, along with smart technology on the consumer side. New industries mean new jobs.”

Mr Green also welcomed the expanded investment in large-scale energy storage announced by the Victorian Government this morning.